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The WorldFINAL


Since 2014 we celebrate on a yearly the anniversary of our crew D.POINT.C with the event “DPC Jam”.

The event is based on 3 different pillars:

  1. International 2 vs 2 battle: This is the main event. We invite 8 teams from all over the world. The invited dancers belong to the . 8 more teams can qualify the same day. Everybody can participate. The 16 teams will then battle in K.O. System, until we have a winner.

  2. 2 vs 2 Kids Battle: This category is for kids and youngsters below 16 years. Everybody can participate. Same as with the adults, the will also battle in K.O. system, until we have a winning team.

  3. Workshops: We organize 2 workshops which are being held by an invited dancer. The workshops are open for everybody. through dance.


To round it up, we have a small market where upcoming artists from the scene have the possibility to promote their products and we have a food & drinks area.


Over the first 5 years we had an amazing growth in participants, spectators, level of dancers and views on our social media platforms. We continue on working hard to bring you the best event possible, and look forward to see you on our next “DPC Jam”!

Past edition winners:

2014: Issue (KOR) & Cho (KOR)

2015: Hill (MEX) & Kuzya (UKR)

2016: Pocket (KOR) & Lilzoo (MAR)

2017: Lilzoo (MAR) & Aslan (RUS)

2018: Chau-lin (GER) & Light (GER)

2019: LilZoo (MAR) & Tsukki (JAP)




12:00 Workshops

14:00 Doors

15:00 Kids

16:30 Preselection

20:00 Mainevent

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